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Supporting the reconstruction of communities in the Middle East

Religious minority towns in Syrian, Iraq and parts of Lebanon are in constant danger from radical elements and regional political volatility.  A perfect example is Iraq’s Nineveh Plains where the Christian communities suffered considerable damage at the hands of the Islamic State, with one organization estimating that the total cost of repairing these towns will exceed $200 million. This project would aim to accelerate the return of displaced peoples to the Nineveh Plains through the reconstruction of homes, businesses and public infrastructure, and the implementation of livelihood and agricultural development initiatives. 

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Providing support to displaced communities Across the Middle East

Since the war began in Syria in 2011, refugees have been pouring into neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The UN with all its resources has been lackluster in its overall support for the IDP's and it has done little to meet the overwhelming needs of minority groups. For example, the Yazidi community in Iraq is at a crossroad. Our efforts would tackle both the reconstruction and resettlement needs of the Yazidi population as well as provide psychological care and social services to communities that have suffered the trauma of war at the hands of the Islamic State. 


Providing long-term, sustainable solutions for refugees living in the Middle East

Many refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq live in poverty, and are vulnerable to economic exploitation. These refugees may never be able to return to their homes in Syria or Iraq, and will thus remain in a state of legal limbo in the countries where they now reside. Our aim is to help these war victims achieve economic self-sufficiency through the implementation of livelihood projects, education initiatives and vocational programs.