Located near the foot hills north of Lake Natron on the Kenya/Tanzania border, Joel’s village was a community living in isolation with limited services, until we were introduced to them by our East Africa managing Director, Lucas Sosoika.  The village was comprised of a series bomas—circular enclosures built with thorns, sticks, and twigs, designed to keep livestock in, and lions and other predators out. 

Joel, the village chief, told us that he was in desperate need of a church and school for his 12 children.  At that time, the only thing that was standing was a small structure built from sticks.  Since our project began, we are proud to say that the school grew in number to over 150 kids.  Today, the school is ranked one of the best in the region according to both Kenyan and Tanzanian local authorities. 

One amazing thing about Joel’s village is the resilience of the population.  Although the environment is often plagued by drought caused by extreme temperatures (over 110F) during the summer months, the villagers seem to cope well, even when water is scarce and food has to be rationed.  When we saw the need for a better way of life, we quickly installed water collection tanks to irrigate the crops and prevent the loss of cattle.  We bought seeds to grow Moringa and Neem trees, for the purpose of providing sustainable nutrition and access to natural medicine.  More recently, we built a medical facility and struck a deal with regional doctors to visit the village once a month.  This action remedied the long distance walk (half a day on foot) which sick and injured villagers have to make to receive treatment for malaria or some other disease. 

We need all the help we can get to keep up with the number of new students we accept each month from across the region.  We are having a tremendous impact in the region as lives are changing.  Consider partnering with us as we continue to help build the school and bless those in need.