Jennings Burchfield

Jennings is a husband, father and a full-time filmmaker. The heart of his work is connecting people with their stories. He believes that no matter how big or how small, everyone has  a story to tell. He has had the pleasure of filming for years. Jennings has the ability to unlock the emotions of people,

and provide something so valuable to them that it is cherished for a lifetime. He enjoys going alongside companies, non-profits, and other clients to get behind their story and magnify what they do, and most importantly extract the “why”. When he looks back on this journey and partnerships, he has  found that the success of what he does is through relationships and connecting on a deeper level with individuals. It is more than just a video to him. It is life giving to see people inspired to further do what they do best once a project is completed. He truly inspires people to live a life worth telling. Jennings loves being around people and collaborating on their ideas and dreams. What an opportunity to

take someone’s vision and bring it to life through film. He believes he is called to create. His calling has

unlocked something inside of him that can turn around and unlock out of others. Something beautiful, captivating, and inspiring.”