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We empower small communities and forgotten people in remote regions of the world to help them thrive and grow once again. Your support will help build schools, small medical clinics, provide education and introduce renewable resources geared towards development.

Your support is crucial, we cannot continue our mission projects without your contribution.

africa projects

In 2016, we began work in a remote part of southern Kenya to help a malnourished community of Masai that had no assistance from the local government. The region was plagued by drought and extreme temperatures which devastated the majority of the Masai villages. We began our project by building a church, school and kitchen for a village which had 12 children. Over time, we added a medical clinic to support the community, and taught the villagers how to grow hardy crop to feed the people and the children. Three years later, we are proud to say, that we officially have over 150 children who are now receiving a full time education plus the medical support and care they need. Our school was ranked the best in the region by Kenyan and Tanzanian officials. We are striving to take our best practices to Eastern DRC, Niger and hopefully Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. We cannot do our work without generous donations and monthly support from people who want to join us in our quest to make a difference in this world.

middle east projects

We help refugees and displaced people living in Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan with the support they need to survive and support themselves. In 2017, we repaired the homes of 50 Christian families in the Nineveh plains. We also cared for hundreds of Yazidi victims who were raped and tortured by ISIS fighters. In Lebanon and Jordan, we fed the poor and helped the destitute. Our mission is to make a difference for families who are forgotten or were left out due to extreme circumstances by the United Nations or government agencies. With your support, we can make a difference. Many people need medical care, food, water and shelter. Our role is to continue to pick up the pieces and change lives. With your support, we can make a difference.

Empowering a community for educational, spiritual and emotional health