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David Brookover

David and his wife Yuko moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the spring of 2001 where they opened The Brookover Gallery. This spacious three thousand square foot gallery showcases the very best of his work in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.  Capturing the pure essence, beauty, and form of imagery through David Brookover’s lens and then hand-crafting that image into an exceptional print is the core of David’s art. His authentic, traditional processes for reproducing the original photograph include Platinum Palladium, Silver Gelatin, Photogravure, and Bromoil.

David began his photographic journey in 1986, when he moved to Japan to further his studies in acupuncture but was unable to practice due to regulations within the Japanese medical system. It was then that he decided to fulfill his artistic yearning and took up photographing the beauty and wonder of his new surroundings. As the saying goes, David never looked back. For the next 15 years he studied Japanese art, visited world class exhibitions and took in as many photography shows as he could while traveling back and forth to the U.S. building up his portfolio. To this day the influence of Japan, traditional Japanese art and its history continues to lay the foundation for David's own style. David’s break came in the 90s when he began photographing for Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd in Tokyo. Later he would do multiple exhibitions in Tokyo showing his diverse work. Through Fuji Film his work would be shown around the world.